Introducing and Teaser Tuesday

This week I want to introduce you to Leland. It’s been a long time coming but he’s a busy fella.

“Hey kids! How’s your mom today?” Uncle Leland yells from the porch as we head towards the door.

“She’s ok I guess. She told us we’re staying here permanently and selling our house. I understand why; I just don’t like it.” Henry says with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sorry you feel that way Henry. Your mom and I think this is a good thing.”

“That didn’t come out right Leland, I’m sorry. I meant that I don’t like that we’re selling our house. Not the living with you part. I love you and Alex, but all of our memories are in that house, it’s a lot to say good-bye to, ya know?” Henry corrects himself.

“You’re wrong Henry. Your memories are in here,” he taps Henry’s temple, “and in here.” Then he taps Henry’s chest. Before either of us can comment Leland leaves the room with Alex in tow.

Hey everyone, I’m Leland Jefferies, Jazzy and Henry’s uncle. I’m an NHL player, and I’m retiring after this season. For real this time. I never really expected to have to take care of my nieces and nephews. It happened though, I know I made mistakes, and I will again, even with my son, but I’m learning, slowly. I enjoy game nights, I’m a competitor. My favorite board game of all time is Monopoly, but I enjoy pretty much every game. I’m not much into video games, don’t usually have the time to sit and play one.

Working out is something I find myself doing more of. It’s hard when death touches your life. Dealing with that loss is hard enough. I find myself more heartbroken over how the loss has affected my family. I know we can make my brother-in-law proud and continue to live, but it’s just getting to that point. It’ll happen differently for everyone and you’re never fully over it. In the meantime, I just carry on as best I can and help my family heal.

I was going to share an embarrassing story about Jazzy involving diapers, toilet paper and a mop, but she beat me in poker last night so I cannot tell it.

Gotta run! It’s time for a play date, hope y’ins enjoy your day!



Thank you for sharing Leland! I hope you all have enjoyed meeting Jazzy’s uncle 🙂

Now for that news that I have been itching to tell you! I’m receiving the Beta Feedback 🙂 It’s coming together nicely. I have an editor, she’s fabulous, and I cannot wait to get True Connection into her waiting hands.

I will have a release date within the next few weeks!! YAY!

See, not major but it’s still news!


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