Light Of The Moon

It is Friday, David James Day!

I read a book recently that I want to share with all of you. It’s called Light Of The Moon by David James.

Light of the Moon on Amazon

Here’s my review 🙂

I need to start by saying that I put this book down twice, because I had to, and
the entire time my mind was thinking- Calum, Calum, Kate, Prophey,
It is a beautifully written tale of a boy, a girl, and love. Oh yea,
there’s also blood, a prophecy, witches, family problems, annoying smelly high
school girls, creepy things and so much more. I was a goner with the first
sentence, and by chapter 1 I was so sucked in that I just knew- There is
absolutely no way possible that I can go to bed without KNOWING, everything. I
had to read until the very last word. By the time I read that word, I wanted to
crawl inside this creator’s mind, build a hut and watch the next story
Calum and Kate are so different and yet similar at the same time.
Kate has an edge to her that says, if her tongue doesn’t kill you, her hands
will. But Calum blows those thoughts straigth out of her. The romance is a low
simmer, but it’s there and you can definitely feel it.
There is so much that
I can say about this book, but I’m not going to. If you want to read a book that
keeps you turning pages, and has your mind warped to where the real world is
fuzzy, then read this book. 🙂

Another bit of information? The paperback copy holds some extras that the kindle copy does not. *Gasp!*

I do love this book. I have told my book loving family members about it, and my 13 year old step-daughter DEMANDED a copy for her birthday. She is currently reading said book. 🙂 David is an amazing person, I happen to talk to him (or annoy him, who knows), a good bit. He’s so nice, and fun. Go find him on twitter, goodreads and facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, he wants to have a giveaway when he reaches 500 likes, so go LIKE him!

Here is where you can stalk him:

David’s Blog



Light Of The Moon on GoodReads


Joining me in Love Light Of The Moon Day is Helen BoswellEmma Hart and the Crazy Book Chicks

For your enjoyment, the girls and I worked on this play list of songs that we thought fit well with certain scenes, characters, or just the book in general. You don’t have to listen, we just love our music, and we know David does too.

LOTM Play List on spotify

The Crazy Book Chicks- Dani and Christina are having a giveaway, you can win your own copy of Light Of The Moon! Enter here! Don’t forget to tell them at CBC what your favorite constellation is and your favorite gummy treat!

What’s keeping you here? Get going! Go see the Crazy Book Chicks and enter the giveaway, and then go tell David hi! And help us get his Facebook likes to 500 for ANOTHER giveaway! How awesome is that?


2 thoughts on “Light Of The Moon

  1. jaimeguerard says:

    Well, I have to say that you certainly spiked my interest with this review! Now I think I need to go and read it. Thanks a lot for adding yet ANOTHER book to my already HUGE LIST! LOL 😉

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