Prepare yourself…

True Connection is in the hands of the beta readers! EEK!

This week for Teaser Tuesday I am doing something a bit different. In my mini-almost-there-celebration for True Connection being sent to Beta Readers, I am going to share something new with you.

If you read the interview I did with The Book Town, (you can find it here  ) I mentioned inspiration for True Connection coming from a strange dream conversation.

Well, inspiration for the Work In Progress I’m about to introduce came from a very random conversation. I woke up one morning to a message from my sister, just two sentences. Totally random, not part of a conversation we were having. Just something she pulled out of a hat, or so it seemed. I kind of ignored it. Or at least I thought I did. The middle of the night that night, I was finally ready for bed after some editing of True Connection, snuggled nice and warm in my bed and nearly out for the night. Some how, my brain took those two sentences, twisted it, turned it, squished it, chewed it up and swallowed it. I had a light bulb moment that made me sit straight up, grab my notebook, pen, phone, and laptop, leave my snuggly warm bed to the cold comforts of my desk and I was up all night penning out the synopsis, creating the title, doing some research and bam, out pops the baby of a story.

I’m done talking, no more waiting. Here is a special sneak peek exert. It’s an Urban Fantasy. 18 and up. Some Adult Content.

Lares Complicated

The Spirit Guardian Trilogy


Life for Ronnie would be absolutely perfect, if it weren’t for one or ten things. There are assignments from the Gods, her sexy mind-reading messenger, her half-Vampire partner, a slippery Necromancer, and whatever the hell happened to throw the sexy Demon Hunting Angel and equally stunning Shifter into her territory. If it weren’t for her best friend Zane, a descendant of Neptune’s, and her drunken Bwbach Fairy, she feels she might go insane. Being the Compitillicii for her territory, there’s a level of responsibility, tact and a daily laundry list added to her already hectic life.

Ronnie and her friends must ban together to protect her territory from all hell breaking loose. After laying her pride aside, Ronnie finds that accepting help is great. Until relationships start changing, assignments get screwy, and she’s forced to do the forbidden.


“Damn you Tipper! I had to deal with Marilynn again tonight!” I shout into the now silent house.

I toss my keys on the stand, drop my purse on the floor and peel off my boots. “Drunken Fairies,” I grumble while making my way through debris and garbage to get to the kitchen. It looks like a garbage truck barfed in here.

“Drunken little bugger, you’ll get your fucking whiskey!” I shout. He hates when I yell at him. I hardly ever see him, he likes to be alone. But man, oh man, he’s worse than a pregnant chick without her ice cream when he doesn’t get his whiskey on time. I pop open the bottle, push some garbage off the table and go in search of a clean, unbroken glass.

“I really wish this mess would be cleaned up before I get home from work tomorrow.” I say a silent prayer that Tipper has smelt the whiskey and in ear shot.

I’ve dealt with a womanizing, asshole boss for eight hours, then worked the territory for three hours, trained with my partner, Willa and then had to deal with that damn Necromancer again. Will she ever get the hint? This is my territory. No, I will not allow you to raise the dead to kill my people! Duh! She is truly the definition of dumb blonde for as many times as I have to deal with her. I just wish she never found out about my ties. I’m not allowed to leave the perimeter of my territory. I could gut whoever told her that tid-bit of information.


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