Teaser Tuesday!!

Welcome to this week’s Teaser Tuesday!


When my eyes focus I see that I’m in the school, alone. I try opening door after door but they’re all locked. It’s so eerily quiet that it’s almost scary. Thunder crashes and echoes through the halls and the lights flicker out at the same time.

“Jazzy…” Someone says in a sing-song voice. “Oh Jazzy…” The sing-song voice sounds closer. It’s a scratchier voice than normal, almost creepier. My skin actually feels like it’s crawling when this guy says my name.

I walk faster with my hand running along the wall, passing over posters, flyers, and lockers. Every doorknob I come to, I jiggle, in hopes it’s unlocked. “Jazzy!” The sing-song voice screeches. “I know you are here. I can feel your soul.” The voice sang out sounding closer now.

“Jazzy, you are a beautiful creature.” Someone else whispers in my ear. I shiver and move a little faster.

My right hand presses over a glass case. If I take a left here, I lose the wall for a minute but I can head to the gym, and the gym has an exit. I let go of the wall and make a sharp left. I find the wall again and hold my left hand in front of me to feel for the door.

“You, my dear, would make a beautiful addition to our family.” A woman sings. “Think about it, you can have anything you want. Except that fine specimen you love so much.” Her evil cackle floods my senses. I have to get out of here! My left hand reaches the door…

(Some slight alterations were made to not give certain things away) I really hope you enjoyed this!

Editing is coming along nicely! I’m so excited! I’m in the home stretch now. True Connection will soon be off to the Beta Readers!

Comments are welcomed 🙂 I’ll have an update soon!


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