“Sweetie, you can’t be the strong one all the
time. This hurt isn’t going to go away no matter how strong you are, or if you
cry or not. You can’t change things. You’ll always miss them,
but even though you can’t see them, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.
They’re always with you, in your head and in your heart. Your memories will
keep them alive. You just have to breathe through it, ok?”

-This quote was edited slightly to not reveal too much.

One of the things I hope people get from reading my book is that there is always someone.  No matter your situation, being bullied, recovering addict, depression, death of a loved one, etc. There is always at least one person who loves and cares. It might not even be the person you expect, but there is always someone to turn to. The fun part is finding that person. Don’t focus on the negativity, think positive. Reach out with both hands and hold on with all your might. Make a list for yourself, how many reasons do you have to smile? No, I’m not saying this is the soul and center of True Connection. This is just something there, that’s influential. My characters don’t have perfect lives, we don’t so why should they?

Leland won the next charater introduction. So that will be my next post. 🙂


One thought on “Love

  1. furelise says:

    You are so right. It’s true, someone loves us, no matter what. If we don’t find love, love is going to find us 🙂 when we are sad, or exhausted, or really tired of everything, love will make us realise that there is some green, and red,blue, yellow, and pink through all that grey 🙂

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