Just a bit

So last night my Muse decided to grace me with her presence. In doing so, she woke me from slumber and didnt leave me with an organized list of details, conversations, ideas, whatever else. I usually tend to feel like a crazy, talking about the extra people in my brain. It’s amusing to me when I find notes, or text’s that I’ve written during these times. Anyway, WIP 1 & 2 are coming along nicely…this excites me 🙂

True Connection is still in the editing phase. I found a section that needs a rewrite so that will commence this evening. I hope.

I am leaning towards revealing the cover sooner! I’m just too excited to keep it under wraps this long! It’s goregous. Anyway, I’ll surprise you one day with it!

I know this is short but I have several appointments today I must deal with! Have a good one! I’ll leave you this song 🙂




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