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Introducing and Teaser Tuesday

This week I want to introduce you to Leland. It’s been a long time coming but he’s a busy fella.

“Hey kids! How’s your mom today?” Uncle Leland yells from the porch as we head towards the door.

“She’s ok I guess. She told us we’re staying here permanently and selling our house. I understand why; I just don’t like it.” Henry says with a shrug.

“Oh, I’m sorry you feel that way Henry. Your mom and I think this is a good thing.”

“That didn’t come out right Leland, I’m sorry. I meant that I don’t like that we’re selling our house. Not the living with you part. I love you and Alex, but all of our memories are in that house, it’s a lot to say good-bye to, ya know?” Henry corrects himself.

“You’re wrong Henry. Your memories are in here,” he taps Henry’s temple, “and in here.” Then he taps Henry’s chest. Before either of us can comment Leland leaves the room with Alex in tow.

Hey everyone, I’m Leland Jefferies, Jazzy and Henry’s uncle. I’m an NHL player, and I’m retiring after this season. For real this time. I never really expected to have to take care of my nieces and nephews. It happened though, I know I made mistakes, and I will again, even with my son, but I’m learning, slowly. I enjoy game nights, I’m a competitor. My favorite board game of all time is Monopoly, but I enjoy pretty much every game. I’m not much into video games, don’t usually have the time to sit and play one.

Working out is something I find myself doing more of. It’s hard when death touches your life. Dealing with that loss is hard enough. I find myself more heartbroken over how the loss has affected my family. I know we can make my brother-in-law proud and continue to live, but it’s just getting to that point. It’ll happen differently for everyone and you’re never fully over it. In the meantime, I just carry on as best I can and help my family heal.

I was going to share an embarrassing story about Jazzy involving diapers, toilet paper and a mop, but she beat me in poker last night so I cannot tell it.

Gotta run! It’s time for a play date, hope y’ins enjoy your day!



Thank you for sharing Leland! I hope you all have enjoyed meeting Jazzy’s uncle 🙂

Now for that news that I have been itching to tell you! I’m receiving the Beta Feedback 🙂 It’s coming together nicely. I have an editor, she’s fabulous, and I cannot wait to get True Connection into her waiting hands.

I will have a release date within the next few weeks!! YAY!

See, not major but it’s still news!

The Witch’s Curse by David James

I am so honored to be a part of this massive cover reveal. In my last post, I posted my review of Light of the Moon by David James. I am so tickled to be able to share with you the beautiful (and highly anticipated by me) cover for his novella in the series The Witch’s Curse


Just look at that, I’m in love with it! 🙂 There’s more! We have the synopsis too!

The Witch’s Curse

Before Kate met Calum in Light of the Moon, Magda met Samuel. Magda cannot stop her heart from running rampant with the beating drum of love. Whenever her eyes find Samuel, she can feel the pull of strings so vividly alive against her heart. But for Magda, love goes against fate; her destiny as a witch forbids her to need anything but the dark binds of magic. Soon, the witch’s curse begins to call to Magda. To deny her love for Samuel would be unthinkable, but to defy her destiny would be impossible. Before the curse can consume her, Magda must decide between Samuel and destiny, and her heart may beat too savagely for anyone to stop.

THE WITCH’S CURSE (A Legend of the Dreamer Story) is a prequel novella for the series that will be available in e-format on 12/18/12.

Meet David

author photo b&w

His Blog     (He posts all kinds of goodies, shares thoughts, secrets, his love of gummies)

Facebook    (Go like his page and help him achieve 500 likes for yet another Giveaway)

Twitter   (Follow him and say hi!)

Light Of The Moon

It is Friday, David James Day!

I read a book recently that I want to share with all of you. It’s called Light Of The Moon by David James.

Light of the Moon on Amazon

Here’s my review 🙂

I need to start by saying that I put this book down twice, because I had to, and
the entire time my mind was thinking- Calum, Calum, Kate, Prophey,
It is a beautifully written tale of a boy, a girl, and love. Oh yea,
there’s also blood, a prophecy, witches, family problems, annoying smelly high
school girls, creepy things and so much more. I was a goner with the first
sentence, and by chapter 1 I was so sucked in that I just knew- There is
absolutely no way possible that I can go to bed without KNOWING, everything. I
had to read until the very last word. By the time I read that word, I wanted to
crawl inside this creator’s mind, build a hut and watch the next story
Calum and Kate are so different and yet similar at the same time.
Kate has an edge to her that says, if her tongue doesn’t kill you, her hands
will. But Calum blows those thoughts straigth out of her. The romance is a low
simmer, but it’s there and you can definitely feel it.
There is so much that
I can say about this book, but I’m not going to. If you want to read a book that
keeps you turning pages, and has your mind warped to where the real world is
fuzzy, then read this book. 🙂

Another bit of information? The paperback copy holds some extras that the kindle copy does not. *Gasp!*

I do love this book. I have told my book loving family members about it, and my 13 year old step-daughter DEMANDED a copy for her birthday. She is currently reading said book. 🙂 David is an amazing person, I happen to talk to him (or annoy him, who knows), a good bit. He’s so nice, and fun. Go find him on twitter, goodreads and facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, he wants to have a giveaway when he reaches 500 likes, so go LIKE him!

Here is where you can stalk him:

David’s Blog



Light Of The Moon on GoodReads


Joining me in Love Light Of The Moon Day is Helen BoswellEmma Hart and the Crazy Book Chicks

For your enjoyment, the girls and I worked on this play list of songs that we thought fit well with certain scenes, characters, or just the book in general. You don’t have to listen, we just love our music, and we know David does too.

LOTM Play List on spotify

The Crazy Book Chicks- Dani and Christina are having a giveaway, you can win your own copy of Light Of The Moon! Enter here! Don’t forget to tell them at CBC what your favorite constellation is and your favorite gummy treat!

What’s keeping you here? Get going! Go see the Crazy Book Chicks and enter the giveaway, and then go tell David hi! And help us get his Facebook likes to 500 for ANOTHER giveaway! How awesome is that?

Prepare yourself…

True Connection is in the hands of the beta readers! EEK!

This week for Teaser Tuesday I am doing something a bit different. In my mini-almost-there-celebration for True Connection being sent to Beta Readers, I am going to share something new with you.

If you read the interview I did with The Book Town, (you can find it here  ) I mentioned inspiration for True Connection coming from a strange dream conversation.

Well, inspiration for the Work In Progress I’m about to introduce came from a very random conversation. I woke up one morning to a message from my sister, just two sentences. Totally random, not part of a conversation we were having. Just something she pulled out of a hat, or so it seemed. I kind of ignored it. Or at least I thought I did. The middle of the night that night, I was finally ready for bed after some editing of True Connection, snuggled nice and warm in my bed and nearly out for the night. Some how, my brain took those two sentences, twisted it, turned it, squished it, chewed it up and swallowed it. I had a light bulb moment that made me sit straight up, grab my notebook, pen, phone, and laptop, leave my snuggly warm bed to the cold comforts of my desk and I was up all night penning out the synopsis, creating the title, doing some research and bam, out pops the baby of a story.

I’m done talking, no more waiting. Here is a special sneak peek exert. It’s an Urban Fantasy. 18 and up. Some Adult Content.

Lares Complicated

The Spirit Guardian Trilogy


Life for Ronnie would be absolutely perfect, if it weren’t for one or ten things. There are assignments from the Gods, her sexy mind-reading messenger, her half-Vampire partner, a slippery Necromancer, and whatever the hell happened to throw the sexy Demon Hunting Angel and equally stunning Shifter into her territory. If it weren’t for her best friend Zane, a descendant of Neptune’s, and her drunken Bwbach Fairy, she feels she might go insane. Being the Compitillicii for her territory, there’s a level of responsibility, tact and a daily laundry list added to her already hectic life.

Ronnie and her friends must ban together to protect her territory from all hell breaking loose. After laying her pride aside, Ronnie finds that accepting help is great. Until relationships start changing, assignments get screwy, and she’s forced to do the forbidden.


“Damn you Tipper! I had to deal with Marilynn again tonight!” I shout into the now silent house.

I toss my keys on the stand, drop my purse on the floor and peel off my boots. “Drunken Fairies,” I grumble while making my way through debris and garbage to get to the kitchen. It looks like a garbage truck barfed in here.

“Drunken little bugger, you’ll get your fucking whiskey!” I shout. He hates when I yell at him. I hardly ever see him, he likes to be alone. But man, oh man, he’s worse than a pregnant chick without her ice cream when he doesn’t get his whiskey on time. I pop open the bottle, push some garbage off the table and go in search of a clean, unbroken glass.

“I really wish this mess would be cleaned up before I get home from work tomorrow.” I say a silent prayer that Tipper has smelt the whiskey and in ear shot.

I’ve dealt with a womanizing, asshole boss for eight hours, then worked the territory for three hours, trained with my partner, Willa and then had to deal with that damn Necromancer again. Will she ever get the hint? This is my territory. No, I will not allow you to raise the dead to kill my people! Duh! She is truly the definition of dumb blonde for as many times as I have to deal with her. I just wish she never found out about my ties. I’m not allowed to leave the perimeter of my territory. I could gut whoever told her that tid-bit of information.


I know it’s a bit late, but it is still Thanksgiving in the states. I had planned on doing this much earlier in the day but I honestly did not have the time.

The above song is just a song that I love. Much like a lot of people I am in love with music. I am always listening to it. Reading, writing, cleaning, ignoring annoying kid shows that grate my nerves, and when I’m doing NOTHING at all. I love music. I love it all, classical, punk, rock, regge, oldies, I’m not picky.

So I am thankful for music 🙂 songwriters, singers, composers, bands, their managers, and everyone who listens to music and shares songs/bands with their friends. Word of mouth is one powerful tool. Recently a new friend of mine turned me onto a band that I didn’t know and I fell in love with one song in particular.–VPB384_BTdrYqHw&index=10&feature=plcp So Thank you to my wonderful friend (David) for introducing me to a new band 🙂

I am so thankful to a good friend of mine who told me “You need to join Twitter, make an author page on Facebook and check out this site and that site. Without her I would not have met so many other writers, authors, bloggers, and book lovers. Every day I enjoy chatting with new friends. So thank you Julia 🙂

I love my family. Every family has their ‘bad nuts’ or ‘bad seeds’ and mine is no exception to that, but I despite that, I love my family. My mom is such an amazing and strong woman and supports me in everything. My siblings are great, even the sibling in laws. My husband, he’s wonderful. Of course he’s always finding new ways to annoy me, but just the fact that he puts up with my crazy makes me love him more. My kids, my beautiful stepchildren, if I could squeeze them every single day I would.

My friends are great too.  They understand me in a way that even I am amazed at.

I’m just thankful for everyone in my life. Good or bad, I would not be who I am today without all of you. So bullies, thank you, without you I wouldn’t be half as strong. To the people who used me as their doormat, thank you, without those experiences, I wouldn’t have as much to write about. 😉

I also have a bit of True Connection news!!

Editing is D O N E

Amazing right? I thought so too! I’m doing my read through right now, and I will be sending a PDF off to the Beta Readers. (Thank you Tamara, Emma and Carey) I expect them to be brutally honest with me, and after I hear back from all of them, I will nail down a date for release. So it’s getting closer. Thank goodness too, because I’m dying to share it with you!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday, and stayed safe. I’m off to read and pass out! Love and thanks to all of you!

Teaser Tuesday!!

Welcome to this week’s Teaser Tuesday!


When my eyes focus I see that I’m in the school, alone. I try opening door after door but they’re all locked. It’s so eerily quiet that it’s almost scary. Thunder crashes and echoes through the halls and the lights flicker out at the same time.

“Jazzy…” Someone says in a sing-song voice. “Oh Jazzy…” The sing-song voice sounds closer. It’s a scratchier voice than normal, almost creepier. My skin actually feels like it’s crawling when this guy says my name.

I walk faster with my hand running along the wall, passing over posters, flyers, and lockers. Every doorknob I come to, I jiggle, in hopes it’s unlocked. “Jazzy!” The sing-song voice screeches. “I know you are here. I can feel your soul.” The voice sang out sounding closer now.

“Jazzy, you are a beautiful creature.” Someone else whispers in my ear. I shiver and move a little faster.

My right hand presses over a glass case. If I take a left here, I lose the wall for a minute but I can head to the gym, and the gym has an exit. I let go of the wall and make a sharp left. I find the wall again and hold my left hand in front of me to feel for the door.

“You, my dear, would make a beautiful addition to our family.” A woman sings. “Think about it, you can have anything you want. Except that fine specimen you love so much.” Her evil cackle floods my senses. I have to get out of here! My left hand reaches the door…

(Some slight alterations were made to not give certain things away) I really hope you enjoyed this!

Editing is coming along nicely! I’m so excited! I’m in the home stretch now. True Connection will soon be off to the Beta Readers!

Comments are welcomed 🙂 I’ll have an update soon!